A few things I'm working on now:

  • I'm part of team modernizing fintech systems from legacy .NET applications to modern .NET microservices running on AWS. I spend most of time architecting serverless workloads with the likes of things like Lambda, Docker, SQS, SNS, and the whole lot.
  • I'm learning PHP and Laravel and very unexpectedly having an absolute blast doing so. The website you're currently reading is written with Laravel and React with the help of Inertia served from a droplet on DigitalOcean - I even wrote about it on my blog!
  • In the name of learning of PHP, I'm also working on a Composer package that wraps the Blizzard Game Data APIs with an easy-to-use and (hopefully) elegant PHP library.
  • I'm doing Advent of Code this year in PHP . Another year, another round of string split mania...
  • I write a lot of Rust in my spare time and have contributed some small libraries and crates here and there.